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Make use of the latest technology. 

Hansole Investments is an Information Technology (IT) company registered with Zimbabwe Internet Service Providers Association (ZISPA). We are the  providers for Bulk SMS, Email Marketing, Mobile applications, Web applications and Database Building Applications. The Directors of Hansole believe that the African market is ready to embrace first world technology.Hansole uses technology that takes away the excessive use of paper by creating a paperless marketing and communication solution.

Nobody could have predicted the growth in the use of Internet and mobile phones over the past decade. And yet it is a convenient and simple method of communicating to the extent that it now has its own language! The growth in the number of smartphone has also meant that most people have access to a smartphones, with our products and service it means that we can now reach your target market that no other communications medium can match.


Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Hansole offers the Bulk E-mailer service , a great product that assist any company in selling or advertising products and services.

Website Design & Hosting

Website Design & Hosting

Get your domain registered & hosted and quality websites designed, developed by qualified professionals at affordable prices

  Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

We now go further than just a website. Hansole now offers a mobile application that automatically interacts with your website.

Bulk SMS

SMS Platform

We offer Bulk SMS service where a message is sent to as many as 20 000 mobile numbers by just one click of a button using the internet .

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Current Projects

  • Website development: 
    We  are developing various websites for different institutions. Some of them includes :
  • Mobile Applications: 

    Hansole Investments has now created mobile applications for Zimbabwe Criminal Codification, POSB application, Constitution of Zimbabwe.

    To access them all click here

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